Month: August 2012

Wait one SECond……..

Interesting article about SEC dominance or lack there of, click the link.

Various Ohio State News

Found at 1460 the Fan: Yesterday, or “bloody Tuesday,” as coach Ohio State coach Urban Meyer deemed the practice beforehand, came and went with no blood being let. But it was just a coach-speak euphemism for an intense session, and it was that, running back Carlos Hyde said. “Today was pretty rough,” Hyde said afterward….

Special Team Freaks

Found at 1460 The Fan:   Get ready for the Freak Show on Saturday in Ohio State’s opener against Miami University. That’s the nickname Buckeyes players have given their punt-block unit, part of a special-teams group that considers itself a force waiting to be unleashed. “A whole bunch of freaks out there,” linebacker Etienne Sabino…